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Yes he did while President Obama was on the national stage. An decrying  the violation of the constitutional rights of immigrants. The facts are when he and his staff where given indisputable evidence of the deliberate violation of their rights he did nothing. Instead he allowed his U.S. attorney General in collusion with their allies lawyers who have been appointed as federal judges !

To deprive these immigrants and other defenseless individuals of the most fundamental rights!. Which are provided by any remotely civilized nation! Much less the commands of our constitution & its bill of rights. CLICK HERE To See our letter in this regard President Obama from Americas freedom  Foundation Asking for his help protecting the rights, of the defenseless, homeless, minorities and immigrants!

   He withheld all help! This betrayal is part of a widespread pattern, practice, & long lasting custom of the violation of we the peoples rights .That is being hidden from the American people by a bodyguard of lies and a conspiracy of silence.

    This by our ruling class, their Judges, lawyers & legal establishment. Which we through our defense of this nation have uncovered and obtained the exclusive evidence!  Of this betrayal and how they have hidden it . An evil is a clear and present danger to all in America !

    As we are not controlled or supported by government agencies, rich, powerful individual or corporations! We are committed to the founding principles of our nation and restoring Justice for all before its to late! Therefore we are requesting your support with our urgent mission! In our fight for the liberty and justice for all ! An that you make whatever donation that you can afford at our secure donation link below!


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