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Dear Friend,

The evildoers in our country, our legal establishment and ruling class have become a fifth column in America. That have betrayed our nation after having established as their  controlling law! No money, No Justice, No way, No how except by accident! Lots of money plunder, pillage, loot our nation and even get away with murder.

That are demonstrating the worst fears of the founding fathers who are undermining the Rights and Liberty of our entire nation. While like magicians they are giving the illusion of justice and the rule of law. To we the people & the entire world! Who have become a ruling class of diabolically clever criminal!

An evil that we were warned by the founders who would if not checked become the most dangerous of all predators. Who are a clear an present danger to the lives, liberty an  property to all in America Who are in wanton rebellion against God (Our Maker) and are committing high treason against we the people!

Our criminal ruling class and its legal establishment can jump up and down like  Rumpelstiltskin, demand to know who told. An lie until hell freezes over as is their custom. However we have built a airtight iron clad case. We further know where the bodies of their betrayal and treachery are buried coast to coast.

Who when they are finally brought to the bar of justice. In this life or before the court of the supreme judge of the universe. They will have no defense and justice will be served when they receive the full punishment that they deserve. Now an for all eternity for their rebellion against God and for their high treason against we the people the only lawful government in America.

Chapter Outlines

The following are outline of chapters, sub- chapters and information to be presented in my book on Americas Satanic Legal Establishment, the evidence of this betrayal is indisputable . My completion of this book has been delayed due to our need to, help people in their personal fight for  freedom !


This book is dedicated in Honor to our Creator the most high God. Who gave us our lives, liberty and through his Christ. Gives those who chose the opportunity to be born children into is his very spirit family. With life for all eternity, the right to be part of the ruling family business, of this earth and the universe. For those who chose to receive this free gift and obey his laws and statutes. Those who refuse will pay the cost in hell for all eternity!

Chapter One
The Beginning Of a Rain of Terror in America.

In the beginning I like most Americans I believed that America was the country of our founders. That in the spirit of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson. John Adams, Patrick Henry, James Madison and others of the Founders were in charge of our government and country.

That we were the land of the free and the home of the brave. With a honorable government of the people, for the people and by the people. A country where in no way would tyranny even find even a beginning. For as soon as it reared its ugly head it would be crushed.

This was because the founders of America with all their ability attempted to prevent evil men from usurping our rights  &  freedoms!  An from replacing it with and tyranny and despotism. This by tying this evil down with the chains of law!

I believed that they had succeed. My belief was further supported and reinforced by the fact. That I was born and raised in Virginia the cradle of Americas freedom  and our rights

Within the shadow of the House of Burgesses where Patrick Henry gave famous speech give me liberty or give me death. Where Thomas Jefferson penned the declaration of independence which acknowledged that our right did not come from any man, king or government. Instead it came from our Creator

The founders also believed that because the most high God grants us liberty than anyone attempting to take our  rights are evil who are in rebellion against our maker. Who are committing high crimes and high treason against we the people.

I also believe as do most of my fellow Americans that we were living in a republic. Where all of our rights were protected, where we had the rule of law and not of man with liberty and justice for all.

That the first amendment was the law of the land. Where helping people achieve the American dream was a noble cause and in the finest of our tradition. I was and still am a true believer in the principles

However unknown to me at this time that while the American people were sleeping. A malignant evil had began taking over America like the seedpods in the horror movie the body snatchers!

I believed in these principles and thought that they would be respected by any free people or civilized nation. Much less in America the land of the free the home of the brave.

Therefore I wrote several books in the finest of our traditions, that encouraged individual to achieve their full potential and the American dream through education. This was to begin a journey that will shock America and the world! With the discovery that America had been betrayed by our ruling class and satanic inspired Legal Establishment .

Chapter Two

      Your Rights To a REAL Education

When I wrote and published four books on adult education in which I exposed the fact that Americas education establishment had betrayed the principles of education used by the founding fathers! To make America a moral, rich and  greatest nation on earth.

These evil doers in our ruling class and educational establishment  have instead willfully given individuals information! That is in fact personal ,spiritual poison and false information!  That deceives them into making wrong decisions that destroys their lives, families and  careers, at outrageous cost!

No sooner than these books were published I and my business came under massive attack. From the power structure media and educational an even their legal establishment. While these books were published in the finest of out traditions helping other achieve the American dream.

I was soon to find out that we had been betrayed by many in our ruling class. Who while America was sleeping the were busy undermining our country, the rule of law and our rights!

Chapter Three

The founders of America knew that Satan the devil transformed himself into an angels of light. Pretending to be the manager of Gods law and his government. which office he betrayed and that his agents do the same thing.

Who became a liar the father of liars an a murder from the beginning. Americas legal establishment has become infected with this same spirit. The same profession of lawyers and judges who fabricated a case against Jesus the Christ.

Who used false witnessed and illegal procedure to secure a death penalty. Who then had the government murder him. He warned them! How did they think that they would escape their eternal punishment in hell!

(4) Why did the founders of America criminalized the practice of law for money! Should not we the people restore this law in an act of self preservation ?

(5) Plea bargains in criminal cases are blackmail and extortion which deprive people of their fundamental constitutional rights. (6) State bar licenced lawyers organs of the state agents of the government as well as officers of the court. Who owe their first loyalty to the legal establishment and not their client. As such deprive people of loyal effective assistance of counsel!

( 6 ) The gaming and fixing of cases in our courts by Americas legal establishments . (8) Trust No lawyer verify everything they tell you. ( 7 ) Honorable Judges or crooked Lawyers in black dresses. By what magic can you take a lying cheating, stealing, traitorous reprobate lawyers. Put a black dress on them and turn them into honorable judges?

( 7 ) Law enforcement is being corrupted changed from those who serve and protect the people. Into those who serve the powerful establishment. Who are behaving like occupying forces showing contemp for the rule of law and constitutional commands for justice. Whose conduct is alienating them from the people and their protection, putting in jeopardy! The brave police who risk their lives daily to protect we the people that they serve .

( 8 ) The shocking facts are that according to government lawyers the belief In God is a mental illness ( 9 ) Government Lawyers work for Drug Dealers. (10 ) Government and the police sell drugs.

( 11 ) Americas Godless Church of law. (12) Believe that the U.S. Constitution is the law of the land. Then according to government lawyers and their judges then have a mental defect.

( 13 ) Attempt to defend yourself act as your own attorney expose government corruption. Then the governments attorneys aided by lawyers serving as federal judges. Will obstruct justice the courts truth seeking process, and your rights, They will claim that you are crazy and attempt to put you in a clock work orange mental institution to effect a cover up.

( 14 ) U.S. Supreme Court justice are just lawyers in black robes made men/women in Americas legal maffia . Who are accessories to undermining of our republic, the rule of law. The gaming and fixing the outcome of cases in our courts!

Who according to the constitution’s separation of powers doctrine. Should not be allowed to hold any office in the government. As the result of their incurable confect of interest and questions of who they are loyal to the people or their own legal establishment.

(14) State Bar licensed lawyers are not real constitutionally authorised lawyers. All of which are organs of the state and not sovereign attorneys in fact. Who have betrayed our nation and are engaging in treasons actions, while being part of a racketeering enterprise!

(15 ) The government destroys lawful business to deprive their victims of true American & quality education. (16 ) A courts on behalf of the executive branch of government issues at least five hundred off the shelf search warrants under the code name of Mr Search Warrant. Which occurred in at least one court could this also a nationwide betrayal.

(17) Court appointed lawyers, public defenders and even personally paid lawyers through acts and omissions aid the government lawyers and prosecutors get false convictions of their clients!

(18 ) Grand Jury Protection have been nullified. (19) Pure tyranny in America. (20) Justice to the legal establishment means the ( Just-Us ) who have money, power and influence! ( 21 ) Rule of Law or the rule of lies ( 22 ) Justice is an illusion in America! ( 23 ) Is the U.S. A banana republic?

(24) Convictions of the innocent are obtained by perjury. Suborning perjury, an by fabricating evidence (25 ) Police servants of rich and powerful ( 26 ) The Greatest betrayal of any people since Judas betrayed Christ . ( 27 ) Where are the other lawyer control so called civil rights organizations in exposing this betrayal. Where were they when needed to restore the rule of law and justice for all in America. ( 28 ) Do we have Rights  to freedom of  speech and press ( 29 ) Is there in fact  freedom rights for competition in  our educational institutions.

( 28 ) Do we have a free press are have most in our media betrayed their trust and just mouth pieces and stalking horses for the establishment! ( 29 ) Massive coverup of the betrayal of America ( 30 ) Appeals courts accessory to treason

(31) Why does the ruling class aided by its government stooges desperately want to take from the American people. One of our most important rights which is for we the people to bear arms. Could it be out of fear that when they come for you and the American people. Which is that you will be able to protect the lives, liberty, property, that of your family and loved ones.

Protecting from the same tyranny that led the jews to the showers in Nazi Germany. Or when the people wake up and discover that our criminal ruling class, aided by its legal establishment. Have been stealing our liberty and looting our nation. Who then while armed call up the Militia. Round up these traitor and criminals to bring them to the bar of justice?

( 32) Why we must restore the rule of law and justice in American now before its to late. It is because of the malignant evil growing in our nation. That springs from Godless Spirit beings in high places and their human allies. Who have and are corrupting our nation this in order to protect our people from this evil.

It now appears that we need the backup and rescue from our maker the supreme judge of the universe. We now need to urgently request. That he authorizes the commander of the armies of God Jesus the Christ. To immediately dispatch from his approaching army of mighty spirit warriors. Under the command general Michael the great archangel . A vanguard to come to our aid and rescue as he has done in the past.

That he remove these evil dowers who are destroying our nation. As an example to others not to mock the commands of the Supreme judge of the universe and his laws. This to purify our nation save our people from total enslavement and destruction. While restoring liberty and justice for all in this nation!

(33) Why would it be illegal for the military to allow itself to be used by our godless legal establishment and criminal ruling class. To attack the American people for the purpose of taking our rights. Which would be a betrayal of its trust to protect our country and the American people from enemies foreign or domestic.

That would be an act of rebellion against the God of our founders and treason against we the people. As well as risking the immediate retribution from the approaching armies of God and their total destruction.

(34) Whistle blowers in our Government and legal establishment have a duty to America and God. To blow the whistle when they learn of a betrayal of trust or the governing rules of this nation by those in our government or ruling class. Thomas Jefferson stated that he who opposes a tyrant does the will of God. By contrast he who does not is in fact disobeying God and betraying the American people.

(35) Are our jails and prisons primary purpose to punish evil doers. Or are they just another division of Americas legal systems racketeering enterprise. A modern slave trading operation in disguise. If not why is it that America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Have more people in prison than any nation on earth.

Just under one-quarter of the world’s prisoners are held in American prisons most of which are innocent and nonviolent prisoners. Why should not we the people use these fine jails and prisons. That the establishment has built at great expense to we the people. To imprison these deadly and dangerous predators in our criminal ruling class, courts and legal establishment in these jails and prisons . Which they have built to enslave the unsuspecting people in America.

(36) Why its important that you investigate everyone in any legal case you may become involved in. Your lawyer, the police, the governments attorneys, as well as the judges. Because they may have unclean hands, secret’s in their closet or incurable conflict of interest. That could cause them to obstruct justice in your case and if discovered what should you do about it.

(37) Juries have the right to rule on the legality of any law as well as the facts in any case. This right was established in America even before the founding of our nation. A powerful tool against tyranny which lawyers acting as judges have conspired to usurp. So that they can obstruct justice for the government and fix the out come of cases in the courts.

(38) The purifying of our temples of justice (courts) is of the upmost urgency. With the removal of all those who are causing this pollution. That they be sent to the jails and prisons which they have constructed for we the people. Evil dowers who are a clear and present danger of the lives, liberty, money and property of all in America. Including our children and grandchildren.

Those in government employment who fail or refuse to take action to restore the rule of law. Or those of our elective representatives many of which are themselves are lawyers, members of the legal establishment. Who fail or refuse to take immediate action to purify our temples of justice, restore justice, and liberty for all in America.

Will have become accessories to this godless evil. Will have betrayed their trust to we the people and should immediately be removed from their office. While being bared from ever having any employment in our government or its agencies. As by acts or admission they also will have betrayed our nation!

The above is only an outline of the chapters proposed in this very important book. These chapters will be published as time permits. Check back here often for additional information on how to protect yourself, your family, children and love ones. Also on how you can help in our mission to save America, to restore the rule of law and justice for all in America.


Sincerely Yours,

Americas  Freedom Foundation  
Dr. Edward Reddeck

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