Americas freedom foundation was founded and committed to our urgent mission! Of defending & protecting our god given freedoms.

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There are power forces that have unknown to most Americans been involved in conspiracies to undermine the educational & founding values of our nation. Having obtained control over our educational establishments they have promoted programs that are willfully dumbing down their students, and providing them with mis-education that causes them to make destructive decisions in their lives & careers.

Americas  Freedom Freedom Foundation has for years has been in the fight to protect your rights in education. On this page we will be giving you information on threats to your Educational Freedoms and how you can protect and defend your rights and those of your family! .

          THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA AGAIN ATTEMPTS TO                                                     DESTROY YOUR RIGHTS IN EDUCATION!

The latest act in the California educational establishment efforts to destroy Your rights in education & to force on our children their bankrupt education & philosophical beliefs. Which are in direct opposition to the principles of the founding fathers and are willfully destructive to them!  

This attack came when the California state department of education attempted to force home school children to attend their public schools so that they could be dumbed down, and brain washed into their un-American beliefs. For additional details click here.

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