Americas freedom foundation was founded and committed to our urgent mission! Of defending & protecting our god given freedoms.

Defending Your Freedom Americas

Freedom Foundation Americas

                    GAYS AND LESBIANS ATTACK

                            OUR FREEDOMS!

    Yes it is apparent that our ruling class is un-American and evil as they want to enslave all in America! Who wanted to suppress our warning of this betrayal! That have used their gay & lesbian followers to attack our site! This in an effort to destroy our mission and warning of the great threat’s to our freedoms !

     Who have engaged in outrageous criminal attacks against your freedom an our mission to defend your freedoms and liberty! Who have hacked into our website changed our name to Americas Gay and Lesbian Freedom Foundation on our website links and hundreds of pages!

     What is even more shocking as this attack not only was illegal but unprovoked! As we have engaged in no attacks against their life style! Our only reference to Gay or Lesbians was in our legal brief filed with the U.S. Supreme court! Exposing the fact that the outcome of the same sex marriage case decision was fixed by the legal establishment which was on its face illegal!

       Even more outrageous is that from our founding we have been committed to defending all peoples constitutional rights and personal freedoms! This without regard to their sex. religion, race, sexual preference or immigration status ! The founders warned and history has proven that immoral lifestyles when getting out of control will destroy any nation! Even worse it could cause God to personalty drain the swap! Of all those who wantonly flaunt his laws see Sodom and Gomorrah!

     It is apparent that our fight for your freedoms! While exposing the hidden betrayal of America by our ruling class, their government agents, lawyers, judges & our legal establishment! While showing people how to protect themselves from attacks! When attacked on how to defend themselves, their rights those of their family , friends and love ones! That our exclusive warning has caused them great concern of being exposed !

    As the result their effort to destroy us they have caused us great harm! With extreme damages to our image and mission! Which has cost us great time and money required to restore our website! Also by delaying us from posting new updates and warnings of these danger to you’re an our liberty! We have an investigation on going! An when we find out who caused these damages we will bring them to justice 

   However now we need your help so that we can to continue our fight for your freedom! An to provide you with additional information on how to protect yourself, family and love ones! From these extremely dangerous & deadly predators! An to restore Justice for all in America before its to late to preserve our freedoms! 

    Therefor we are requesting that you help us now with our urgent mission! Can we count on Your Support of $10 $25, $50, $100, $250,  $500 or even $1,000?

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Sincerely yours,
Americas Freedom Foundation
Dr. Edward Reddeck

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