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History Proves That You Trust Shyster Lawyers

With Anything At Your Own Peril!

As all these state bar licence lawyers are organs of the state agents of the government! Which I call the church of law or legal maffia. Who have totally polluted the waters in our temples of justice! (Courts ) Our early pioneers knowing the history of lawyers and Judges betraying their office and trust.

Who even conspired to fabricate a case, against Jesus the Christ, purchased false testimony, held illegal proceedings, (like in same sex marriage ruling). Who then delivered a false ruling and sentenced Christ to be murdered!

Our founders were also oppressed by the moneyed powers who were also persecuted by the lawyers and judges in Europe, from which they had fled. Therefore knowing the history of lawyers they in their wisdom criminalized the practice of law for money. Is it now time that we revisit this issue.Take back the control of our government and legal system from these lawyers !

As our state bar licensed lawyers as a profession have betrayed this nation and we the people. They have reduced justice to a mockery, while deceiving the entire nation . By presenting the illusion of justice & a real adversely process. They fix the outcome of cases for those with money or power by willfully failing to use the strongest defenses.

While acting busy, busy making frivolous motion, to giving the illusion of the rule of law and justice! As the result of our years in the defense of our clients and our nations rights. We have uncovered the indisputable evidence of this betrayal. Starting from the municipal court up to the U.S. Supreme Court and at all places in between, from public defenders to the high-priced attorneys.

This betrayal has been recently exposed by the acts or admission of all the lawyers. Including those acting as Supreme court justices in the same sex marriage case. Who have through acts and omissions conspired to fix the outcome of this case. In favor of the ruling class in America many of which have in secret embraced this forbidden lifestyle and worse!

Hiding their true intentions from the American people while advancing their secret agenda that will destroy our nation! Not all in our legal establishment have betrayed us just most! As even in Nazi Germany there were those who resisted that evil government. Even now we are being warned by Judge Edith Jones Chief Judge of the Fifth U.S. Circuit court of Appeals! (That our legal system has been corrupted beyond recognition) by our lawyers!

We were not founded or controlled by lawyers and are not obligated to anyone! It is our intent to see that justice and the rule of law is restored for all in America. Therefore soon we will be posting additional and exclusive evidence on this site that will expose this betrayal! Which will also include invaluable information on how you can protect yourself. Your loved ones, Friends, Family, Children, Churches Synagogues & Our Nation from this Shocking betrayal!

Check back here soon & often for updates on how to protect  your rights!

Help us now with our urgent mission! Can we count on your support of $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 or even $1,000?


Protecting Your rights
Dr. Edward Reddeck
Americas Freedom Foundation!



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