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Yes Shocking ICE Without a Lawful Search warrant raids the Home of A OF A Ninety Year Old Mexican Immigrant Terrorizes Her Steals Over $ 3000 Dollars Of Her Personal Food, Medicine & Transportation money! Which terror Caused Her early death!

Formal complaints were made by family, friends even the Mexican government to ice officials, locally at their headquarters in Washington DC Including the justice department.


The shocking facts are that no action was taken no investigation was conducted! Just another coverup this evil is a clear & present danger to all in america!

As if they do this to a ninety-year mother, and great/great-grandmother no one is safe! It is our mission to expose this evil and bring to justice those who are responsible!

We need
your urgent help now to restore JUSTICE FOR ALL IN AMERICA! And to protect you, your family, love ones from this growing evil! Can we now Count on Your Support of $10 $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 Or Even $1,000!



(Thank you in advance for all your help and support)

Sincerely Yours

Americas Freedom Foundation

Dr. Edward Reddeck


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