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September 2015 Edition

Lawyers and Judges Are Conspiring to Obstruct
Justice in Our Courts!

The shocking facts are that we have been betrayed as a nation and a people by our ruling class, their lawyers and those acting as judges! When I first begin to have my experience with Americas legal establishment! I like most believed that America was the land of the free and the home of the brave with liberty and justice for all. This was because I was raised from childhood and taught the principles of our founding fathers.

I felt that founders intentions were the controlling laws in America. Until one day I woke up to the shocking facts. That America had been betrayed, by its ruling class. That justice is only an illusion for most. That there has been an on going conspiracy for a long time to enslave all in America. By gaming and fixing the outcome of cases in our courts!

Where the controlling rule of Americas’s legal establishment has become perverted from the founders command of justice for all. To their controlling doctrine which is no money, no justice, no way, no how, except by accident. Lots of money then you can get away with murder.

This is a fact which we have obtained decades of exclusive and indisputable evidence! We now have a current text book case of their corruption of our courts and legal systems. In the case of Mr. Alberto Noriega an 80 – year-old legal immigrant senior citizen now posted on our website news page!

Whom the government in order to effect a coverup of the years of the violation of his rights! The theft of his families property, conspired to get a false conviction. Which made him the victim of this corruption and betrayal. Where all of his rights have been reduced to a sham and a nullity.

As the result of our exclusive help we have caught Federal Judges, U.S. Attorneys and so-called Defense attorneys. Conspiring one with another to fix the outcome of federal criminal cases. Who as their custom have attempted to cover this up. Through a conspiracy of silence and a bodyguard of lies.

We however have assisted Mr. Noriega in building an airtight case. With the indisputable evidence of their violation of his rights and betrayal of we the people’s trust. An evil that is a clear and present danger to all in America.

This betrayal of we the people rights are the reason why there are so many Innocent Americans in our jails and prisons today. Because they are being railroaded where the government makes known false statements, while suppressing evidence in their favor. Where their own state bar licensed lawyers who are organs of the state. Aid in the conducting of show trials, who willfully fail and refuse to defend their clients.

Where the lawyers acting as judges, who are required by our laws and the U.S. Constitution to be guards of our liberty while serving in our temples of justice. Who have further conspire to obstruct these defendants rights. As even when they attempt to make their own defenses, by willfully refusing to file their defense motions. Deprive them from even having access to our courts.

This to prevent them from exposing this betrayal and from putting on evidence that proves their innocence! Who are doing this to aid their fellow governments lawyers get their illegal convictions and in the furtherance of a coverup. Of which Mr. Noriega is just one of the most recent outrageous examples.

However these evil doers have been caught red handed in their overthrow of all his civil and constitutional rights and by extension those of all in America. In this case we have the exclusive evidence of this coverup of the fixing of the outcome of cases in our courts. This by Americas lawyers and Judges who control our legal system. A betrayal which is a clear and present danger to all in America.

Check our website often at for breaking news on this betrayal . As well as information how you can protect yourself and loved ones from these dangerous predators, traitors, cowards and evil doers.

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Americas Freedom  Foundation
Dr. Edward Reddeck

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