Americas freedom foundation was founded and committed to our urgent mission! Of defending & protecting our god given freedoms.

Defending Your Freedom Americas

Freedom Foundation Americas



    Let us make America free again by restoring Justice and the rule of law for all! Unknown to most in America we are in great jeopardy of losing all our rights’s and everything this country stands for! Many decades ago I founded a business in the finest of our traditions. Designed to help all people achieve their full human potential & the American dream !

I was shocked when I came under immediate, immoral illegal and vicious attack by members Americas ruling class. Whom I was to discover did not want all the people to achieve the American dream or their full potential. They wanted it only for themselves, their family, children and friends! Upon seeing this i immediately began to defend myself and the founding principles of this great nation!

As the result of over the decades while other were complaining, ringing their hands, raising millions of dollars, for themselves. Their frivolous law suites while failing to address the real threats to our liberty. Where they in the closet were a part of this threat. We however wereolor in the trenches with legal hand to hand combat in a real adversarial defense with limited resources ! Helping thousands of people both nationally and internationally to protect their rights. As the results I obtained the exclusive information on how their evil works and how to defeat them!

At first I thought I was dealing with only a few bad apples. However I was soon to discover our legal system had been corrupted, That the controlling rule now is no money no justice no way no how except by accident! Around twenty years ago I expanded my mission, of defending liberty & founded a free clinic close to downtown Los Angeles Calif. Where without the support of large sponsors, donors or government funding.

We helped whoever came to our door to solve their many problems and protect their rights. Which included the penniless , homeless, defenseless , immigrants etal ! Without regard to their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation or political affiliations. As it is our belief that an injustice against one is an injustice against all. Therefore we have been committed to defending and restoring the principles of the founders of this nation for the protection of all!

We now have expanded our mission to warn you and our nation of this betrayal. To provide you with the information of this great threat and how to protect yourself family and loved ones from it. This evil is being hidden behind the illusion of justice and the rule of law. With a conspiracy of silence and a bodyguard of laws from our media and legal establishment. Where deceptive their acts are being performed everyday by large corporations, government bureaucracies & in our courts! Will you be the next victim. WE NEED YOU URGENT HELP NOW!


 Help us now with our urgent mission! Can we count on your support of $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 or even $1,000?

                                   YOUR FREEDOM DEFENSE FUND!
DONATION LINK BUTTON Give a copy of this page to your friends and a link to family & social networks. Tell then about our mission & our website with information on how to protect yourself Thank you in advance for your help! 

Sincerely yours,
Americas Freedom Foundation

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