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Dear Friend,

For years I have listened and read various, media, talk shows with their almost unlimited so-called experts. All who are asking the same question are we alone! Are we being visited by aliens from a distant planet by more advanced beings! I do not know wither they are stupid, deliberately trying to mislead and deceive people or willfully undermining beliefs in God!

The indisputable facts that have been known for thousands of years described in the bible and the history of many nations worldwide. That there are other intelligence beings in this universe and on earth! First lets start with what we know as a fact! Which is that there are beings with different levels of power and intelligence in the universe and on earth! The indisputable evidence is as follows!

First: The supreme Most High God the creator who is in charge of this universe & over this planet That rules the universe from his Galactic headquarters in the third heaven .Who has made his physical presence many times on earth. With all the attributes of a mortal human, eating and drinking with various mortal people! He has given spirit men and us freewill. While reserving the right to intervene whenever he think it is necessary.

History has shown that in one night he had destroyed an army of more than a hundred thousand. Had kings, government authorities, priests, those who served Satan executed by spirit men. Including the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding cities. In what appeared to be a nuclear like attack. Who was also seen flying around in unidentified craft! Who provides protection for his friends. An those who have chosen to serve him and his eternal government! With destruction for those who decide to become his enemy!

Second :Spirit Men very powerful ( Angeles )100 of millions of good and bad ones that were in existence before the world was created and who have their civilizations. (a) who can appear in their glorified spirit bodies (b) Or manifest themselves like humans eat, drink, have sex and children with humans. Who look so much like us that we can even entertain them and not tell the difference between them and us !

Third is the hybrid Human/Spirt Men Nephilim like Goliath, giants! The offspring of human women & spirit men ( Angeles)! Who have morality can die and be killed! However when they die they still are conscious but have no physical bodies. They can possess humans & animals harm, damage & destroys their host if allowed they are called (Demons ). When their human host dies they can possess or be reincarnated into another human! Who are the ones claiming to be dead family members, Napoleon or other so called people that claim to be reincarnated who are evil deceivers!

Fourth: Humans who while being made in the image of the most high God are mortal. Who die at which time they go to sleep have no consciousness. Until awakened at the command of God for the reward of eternal life or destroyed forever no reincarnation! We have less direct power than the above! However we are made in the image & likeness of the most high God our maker. We can rebuke any attack that they may bring against us by our own power. Backed by the full authority of God & Christ!

We have tremendous talents & abilities! Who had an extremely advanced civilization prior to the flood, after which at the tower of babel. When God confused the languages he said that nothing could be restrained from us. We have direct authority in this earths physical dimension. With the exclusive potential to be the same species. Spiritual children of our creator superior to any in the angel family! For more exciting details! See Part Two: Earth Is The Headquarters Of Powerful Hidden Spirit Beings! Click Here

Which are designed to give the illusion of justice and the rule of law! Further as we are not supported by government agencies ,the rich or powerful corporations! An only from individuals like yourself! Therefor we are requesting your support with your chosen donation! To help us with our urgent mission! To restore justice for you and all while there is still time!



  Help us now with our urgent mission! Can we count on your support of $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 or even $1,000?



{ Thank you in advance for all your help and support! }



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