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Dear Friend’s

Four thousand years ago the Train to Armageddon left the station in what is now Iraq. Which will end at Jerusalem Israel at the return of Christ! Along with we who are Christians that will rule on earth with Christ having received a pardon for our sins. For which Christ payed for with his life. The price God required to remove us from under his death penalty.

At that time we who have accepted Christ sacrifice will become the actual children of God! With powerful new perfect bodies and eternal life! Christ will conquer this planet by force at the battle of Armageddon. He will remove this planets current King Satan, his hidden spirit government. Including those humans in power and authority who have betrayed the entire human race.

That in this life have sold their souls to Satan & his government. Who at Christ’s return will receive their eternal punishment! The question now is has this train reached its finial destination and is the battle of Armageddon now ready to begin? Recently several Christian authors and their publishers selling books and movies! Claim that blood moons, and the Shemitah year are the beginning of the tribulation. As well as signs of the Imminent return of Christ!

The above allegations are false flags that like the boy who cried wolf are not true! The facts are that blood moons are a natural occurrence! The use of the word is (Shemitah) year is deceptive as it is a Hebrew word which we do not speak. Deliberately giving it a mysterious and ominous sounding name! Which in fact only means (release) from all debt in biblical Israel !

The above information is worthless and a distraction as even the bibles general warnings! That there will be Wars and Rumors of Wars, states that this fact does not the mean end of the age! To see this warning in frightening details see the music video by the late Johnny Cash Click Here! Which was recorded twenty years ago that more relevant now than when first recorded!

The bible warns that even these signs give only a general warning of the season. An not a specific date of the end of the age or Christ imminent return. Even more so for the blood moons or the year or release. Which ended on September 13, 2015 and nothing catastrophic has occurred.

These false predications are like the boy who cries of wolf. When there was no wolf and when the wolf did appear it was then too late. This gives support to the warning that even the entire church went to sleep. An when Christ came unexpected many became disqualified to receive their reward of eternal life as actual children of the God!

However, the bible does give major stops for the train to Armageddon! Which if you know what they are you will not be deceived. How do I know this because an independent bible scholar! Who uncovered the identity of the key players in this end time drama more than seventy years ago and years latter shared it with me !

I now for decades have night and day watched for the development of the major stations on this trip. Watching to see how close the train is to it’s next stop! If you are interested in the Real Truth & Learning for yourself these major steps on this march to Armageddon! I have provided them to you at no charge in a live video presentation which you can view by Clicking Here .

As the result of my decades of watching these end time prophecies develop in real time. Which are the greatest possible threat to your spiritual salivation. Your physical life & those of your children and loved ones . I will recognize these early warning threats and post it on this site . So that you will have personal and advanced warning of this growing evil. Therefore check back here often!

Which are designed to give the illusion of justice and the rule of law! Further as we are not supported by government agencies ,the rich or powerful corporations! An only from individuals like yourself! Therefor we are requesting your support with your chosen donation! To help us with our urgent mission! To restore justice for you and all while there is still time!


   Help us now with our urgent mission! Can we count on your support of $25, $50, $100, $250, or $500 or even $1,000? 




 { Thank you in advance for all your help and support! }

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