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They are coming for you! The above statement by the Godless Harvard law professor Mark Tushnet. Who says that conservative Christians should be considered like evil Nazis.  Because Christians have opposed the liberal establishment.  Who have been undemanding the Commands of the most high God our maker. The king of the universe and the beliefs of our founding fathers.

This statement by a Harvard professor exposes the betrayal of America by our lawyers all of which by law are organs of the state agents of the government. None hold the office of sovereign attorneys in fact as were the founding fathers. Because of this corruption, the legal establishment has betrayed our nation and people .As they have conspired to fix the outcome of any case they wish

From the municipal court up to and including the U.S. Supreme court. Which is a clear & present danger to the lives liberty & property of anyone they chose to attack. Their ultimate prey are Christians, Jews and people of faith! As these people & the forces of darkness they serve are a danger to all in America. As the legal establishments controlling doctrine is no money, no justice, no way, no how except by accident! Lots of money, plunder, pillage, loot our country & even get away with murder!

Where even lawyers who claim to be Conservative, Constitutional, Christians, get millions of dollars to defend their clients! While putting on sham defenses, with busy, busy, work giving the allusion of defense While deliberately raising the wrong & infective defenses. Which includes the supreme courts same sex marriage case. Allowing the ruling class many who have in secret embraced this life style!  To Betray the principles of our founding fathers as seen in part below which made America rich & powerful!

General George Washington

Christian Conservative

Praying At Valley ForgePraying  At Valley Forge

           We the people of faith are not required by God to turn the other cheek against tyranny or threats to our lives, liberty, property or families by these evil dowers.  Or to allow this evil & lawless conduct. To get so out of control until God destroys our nation. As he has done in the past because of their wanton betrayal of these principles & their rebellion against his just laws for our protection. The above is a picture of the leader of the Christian Conservative’s Praying to their & our God who saved our  rights !

While they prepared to beat the British who violated our founders rights! George Washington our first president. Warned that it is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God & the Bible. Americas rights Foundation has and is been in the vanguard of defending your rights. We will be expanding our mission to protect our rights. While providing you with information allowing you to defend yourself, family children and property from these dangerous predators.

With facts and information that will make it so you are not at the mercy of these predators, lawyer & the legal establishment who consider Christians to be like Nazi!  Which will allow you to bring to justice and get damages. From those who unjustly attack you, your family or business ! In our urgent mission to protect your rights and to restore justice for all!  We need your support Click here! 

Sincerely Yours
Americas Freedom  Foundation
Dr. Edward P. Reddeck

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