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The answer is absolutely not! As their history proves that they are disloyal to the commands of our founding fathers! Lawyers who serve the interest of the ruling class, monied powers and their legal establishment! This is why have we lost the rights to have God and prayers in our government & schools. With the ten commandments removed from public places, building and even our court houses!

When they are in fact the foundation of all our laws. Why did these lawyers let the supreme court justices get away with the lie. That this evil is required by the Constitutions command for separation of church and state. When the Declaration of Independence proclaimed that our rights are a gift from God.

The founders were in constant public prayer, over every important issuer including ratifying the U.S. Constitution! George Washington is seen praying in the snow at Valley Forge. Furthermore this country was founded as the new Israel, one nation under God! The primary text book of the founder’s education and their schools was the Bible! The only reason for the separation of powers provision was to prevent the government from establishment of a national church.

Now the lawyers have deliberately allowed the Godless Supreme Court Justices. To rule that same sex marriage was lawful a deliberate violation the intent of our founders. The shocking facts are that we have obtained the indisputable evidence that this decision was obtained through acts and omissions. Where the outcome was predetermined, gamed and fixed by the ruling class and their lawyers!

While everyone else was ringing their hands decrying this loss of liberty! We were working to defeat this immoral and illegal action! We also provided real defense information to the key lawyers in this case prior the supreme courts finial decision. The information needed to defeat this fixed ruling. They however refused to take any action to expose this betrayal or stop this ruling from becoming final.

We also provided the lawyers for Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis who were rasing large sums of money to make her defense. The information needed to have the supreme courts ruling set aside because it was illegal and unconstitutional. Thereby being totally able to protecting her rights and ours as a nation. See Urgent Message to Christian Lawyers! Click Here 

However as it is a long-lasting custom by state bar licenced lawyers! Including those who have been hired to defend traditional American and Judeo-Christian values. To put on sham defenses to lie about facts and law with hearings that are cruel and worthless charades. Which are designed to give the illusion of justice and the rule of law!

Which are designed to give the illusion of justice and the rule of law! Further as we are not supported by government agencies ,the rich or powerful corporations! An only from individuals like yourself! Therefor we are requesting your support with your chosen donation! To help us with our urgent mission! To restore justice for you and all while there is still time!

    Therefor we are requesting that you help us now with our urgent mission! Can we count on Your Support of $10 $25, $50, $100, $250,  $500 or even $1,000?


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CLICK HERE SEE PART 2  History proves that you trust shyster lawyers at your own peri

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