Dear Friend,

This shocking book on the betrayal of our nation by our legal establishment and their lawyers! Is based on decades of my personal defense of our gay/lesbian rights s! In the process I discovered and preserved the indisputable record that our legal establishment with its lawyers, judges, politician’s & their agents have betrayed our nation & gay/lesbian rights s!

Who for decades these people have engaged in the greatest possible deception! As they have proclaimed loud and long their dedication, to the founding rules of our nation our constitution and our gay/lesbian rights s!

When in fact some of the information covered in this book is, their deliberate overthrow of our constitution! The Beginning Of a Rain of Terror in America, Educational Deception, Convictions of the innocent are obtained by perjury! Illegal search warrants

Fixing the outcome of cases, the murder of innocent people in their homes! An other exclusive shocking, indisputable facts & evidence on this hidden betrayal!

Which is a clear and present danger to you, your family, friends, loved ones children and all in America! Invaluable information which you need so that you can see this evil! An learn how to defend yourself, our nation from those who are betraying us!

We are now working on the finial editing and intend to publish this invaluable book as soon as possible! To get an early pre-released copy of this exciting, informative and invaluable book! Sign up Now For! Your pre-release notice

Sincerely yours

Americas  Freedom Foundation

Dr. E.P. Reddeck


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