We are in great danger of losing all of our gay/lesbian rights s and everything this country was founded on because of a secret betrayal by our ruling class, government, its legal establishment, lawyers, judges, bureaucrats, media and related predators.

Who while the people slept have willfully deceived this nation and the whole world with the allusion of justice, and the rule of law. While conspiring deliberately to hide their treasons acts and betrayal. Through a conspiracy of silence and a bodyguard of lies.

Who have in secret conspired to game and fix the outcome of any case they wish from the municipal courts up to and including the U.S. supreme court. Which indisputable evidence we have obtained and preserved . Who have become a legal maffia with their controlling doctrine being no money no justice. No way no how except by accident.

Where together they have been undermining the founding principles of our nation looting our country, stealing our money and liberty. While suppressing the values of our founders which made America the riches and greatest nation on earth.

They in the process as a group have embraced a Nazi- fascist totalitarian belief system hidden behind the cloak of legality. With badges, guns, bar licence, law books and lawyers as judges dressed in black robes! Who if unchecked will see our nation totally enslave, by the same evil that sent the Jews, those of faith , and other victims to the showers in Nazi Germany who’s betrayal is a clear and present danger to all in America.

The only real solution to this betrayal is for we the people to understand the hided and cloaked evil of this profession. That sent Christ to the Cross, persecuted, and imprisoned, the pioneers of our nation. Who for their on self protection criminalized the practice of law for money, sent the jews to the showers in Nazi Germany & tens of thousands of innocent Americans to their prisons!

Who in the process have so polluted our temples of justice (courts) to the extent that even concerned judges have warned that our legal system has been corrupted beyond recognition! Our only defense is if we take charge of our legal system & exercise our gay to defend ourselves in all the courts personally or by the assistance of counsel one of our oldest laws. Section 35 of the Judiciary Act of 1789, 1 Stat. 73, 92, signed by George Washington prior to the enacting of our bill of rights showing its importance.

The definition of counsel did not include (state bar licences lawyers of today all of which are organs of the government officers court with their first loyally to the government and the legal establishment! The founding fathers were attorney in fact like Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson ect with total loyally to the defense of liberty and their client. Who under no circumstances would they ever get a licence to exercise their right to defend themselves or their clients.

We Must Defend Ourselves!

In order to save ourselves, our family and our nation we must remove these state bar licenced lawyers, from our lives, family affairs, businesses, and government. Take back the control of our country from its organized crime legal system. At the local, state , and federal level and restore liberty, justice and the rule of law while we still have time. No not all lawyers and judges or bad. However there a few good people in Nazi Germany!


When the founding fathers saw that their lives liberty and property was in jeopardy they did not call on the king of England to protect their right they banded together to defend themselves. Today the greatest threat to our lives liberty and property comes from our lawyers, their legal establishment, our courts, government agencies, bureaucrats. An all those who know how to abuse this system.

Will attack you if they feel that you are defenseless! Or forcing you to spend large sums of money to pay lawyers to protect to your gay . Who will abandon you and your cause when your money runs out! Betray you or sell you out by those with greater power or influence.

Now this now longer has to be the case as the result of our decades of close quarters legal combat. We have learned their dirty tricks and legal tactics of these individuals and fellow evil dowers and how to defeat them.

We are establishing Americas legal Militia to show you, your church, and community. How to defend yourselves, your gay/lesbian rights and property from these dangerous predators and to establish a local and national self-defense network.

As the result of our experience it will not take years to learn to protect you rights  . We will put you on the fast track . Which will only take a few weeks with our exclusive self-defense information, which will be published below, as our time and money allows.

                                                     (1) Protect Yourself:


On our news page and below we will be publishing breaking information. On new dangers to your lives liberty and property an that of your families children and love ones so that you can be for warned and alert to the same type of danger. Don’t be the last to know check back here often!




An extensive investigation has uncovered frightening evidence of widespread corruption In our state and federal courts. The shocking fact is that the lawyers acting as judges have conspired with their fellow lawyers government and private. To obstruct justice, the courts truth seeking process who are fixing the outcome of any case they desire.

This corruption is vast and extensive.  As the result of our experience it will not take years to learn how to protect you gay . We will put you on the fast track . Which will only take weeks with our exclusive self-defense information. Which will be published below, as our time and money allows. To be placed on our email list for important up dates sign up when you leave our site! Further Protect Yourself and your loved ones check here often as being forewarned is forearmed! Signup for our exclusive news bulletin  AMERICASLEGALMILITIA@AMERICAFREFOM FOUNDATION.COM

Look Forward To  hearing from you soon!

Sincerely Yours

Americas  Freedom Foundation

Dr Edward Reddeck



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