As the result of the serious nature of the information on our website and blog. We have decided to add a section on Patriotic, Inspirational, Romantic, Educational, Happy, Fun Loving and Entertaining music!

Which will bring inspiration and happiness, for many people. Who at times can become depressed and discouraged, who need encouragement. Music is a universal language, that has tremendous power to heal, uplift and inspire which is our intent! Check this page out often! The following are our links!

(1) Stout Hearted Men

(2) Moving On Up

(3) This Is My Country

(4) Battle Hymn Of The Republic

(5) When Johnny Comes Marching Home

(6) Ballad Of Green Berets

( 7) Ghost Riders In The Sky

(8) Ballad of the Alamo

(9) With Come Out Ye’ Black And Tans 

(10) The Master Call

(11) Cool Water

(12) Big Iron On His Hip

(13 ) El Paso

(14) Johnny Cash Cocaine Blues

(15) Don´t Worry be Happy

(16) Some Where Over the Raibow:

(17) By The Rivers of Babylon Boney M

(18) ABBA “Chiquitita”

(19) ABBA Spanish “Chiquitita”

(20) Boney M – Rasputin

(21) Johnny Cash Going By The Book

(23) Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruion

(24 ) Johnny Cash Gods Going Cut Them Down

(25) Mary’s Boy Child / Oh My Lord – Boney M

(26) Boney M. – Little Drummer Boy (1981)

(27) Johnny Horton Sink The Bismarck

(28) Praise The Lord & Pass The Ammunition – Kay Kyser

(29) The Greatest Speech Ever Made – Charlie Chaplin

(30)To arms in Dixie

(31) Dixie Union Version


(32) Marty Robbins – My Own Native Land


(33) Marty Robbins – Kneel And Let The Lord Take Your Load


(34)Scotland The Brave


(35)Amazing Grace




(37)The Thing 1950


(38)Afroman  Because I Got High


(39)Gene Simmons Haunted House


(40)White Lightning


(41)Beggar to a King 


(42)The big bopper wedding


(43)Ghost chickins in sky


(44)Purple people eater


(45)Nearer, My God, to Thee 


(46)Harper valley PTA


(47)Some Velvet Morning


(48)Charlie Daniels Band Devil went down to Georgia


(49)Rock Island line Lonnie Donegan


(50)Village Girls Thank God I Am A Country Girl


(51)Oingo Boingo! Dead Man’s Party 


(52)Country Sisters – Orange Blossom Special 


(53)AL WILSON : The Tender Lady And The Snake ! 

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