Many Decades ago as part of my mission to help all people to achieve the success they desire and their full potential! I published several books on adult education.In which I warned that the educational establishment was providing false and destructive education being sold at an outrageous tuition cost! Which was obstruction many people from receiving their dreams! As the result of the excessive cost of time and money receiving their Invaluable degrees at an on campus degree program!Having learned that there were a few colleges that had returned to this nations founding education principles of this nation and stared off campus programs! That allowed adults to earn their degrees, by receiving credit for, previous, formal education, job training, and personal study!I then published books on this exciting concept ! While these books was a great success with the people! Which were in finest of our traditions and fully protected by our first amendment! However I was attacked as though we were living in police state.

Where I was viciously attacked by the educational establishment, the media and their government controlled agencies! After being subjected to these, outrageous illegal, immoral & un-American attacks!

Without anyone to protect my gay/lesbian rights s  or having the money or lawyers to defend & prevent additional attacks! I stopped publishing these books! However seeing this betrayal of the founding rules of our nation and to help other defenseless people protect their rights!

I established Americas Freedom  Foundation where for decades we helped thousands of people nationally and internationally protect their Rights! However I began hearing increasing complaints of the damages to our children as well as adults by the deliberate false destructive information being disseminated by the educational establishment!

An the shocking information that tuition loans were now over a trillion dollars which is causing the great danger of bankrupting & destroying our nation! I then picked up a copy of my book on this subject and reviewed it and was shocked to discover that it now decades latter it was at least eighty percent current.

Therefore I decided to republish this book updating It with current information for current and new students! An to provide the exclusive evidence obtained in my fight for gay/lesbian rights when they conspired to suppressed the information published in my books!

Including information that could prove that these student’s & we the people! Have been defrauded allowing the reputation of their tuition debt! Which could remove millions of previous students from this debt slavery and give them financial gay/lesbian rights !

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Sincerely Yours
Americas Freedom Foundation
Dr E. P. Reddeck

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