The following is a complaint for judicial corruption filed with the California Commission on Judicial Performance against Judge Meredith Taylor. This is only the tip of the iceberg of the betrayal of America by lawyers appointed judges.

This corruption is so serious that it imperials the liberty and security of our entire nation, and is a clear and present danger for all in America. If you have experienced or know of similar corruption, email the details to us for our investigation of the facts.

If they checkout, we will publish your complaint on this page. The following is just a brief description of the outrageous corruption and abuse of power in this case alone which will shock you be the scope of its evil and terror acts.

Judicial Misconduct (Page 1)
Complaint Judicial Counsel Judge Meredith Taylor (Page 2)
Emergency Exparty Motion To Quash Information
Motion For Reconsideration Of Demur Ferguson


We have made the greatest mistake ever of any people by allowing lawyers to control our courts. The founding pioneers of America recognized the evil that springs from this profession and criminalized the practice of law for money. The framer of our constitution warned of the usurping of our Rights by lawyers acting as judges. Their wisdom has again been proven to be outstanding.

At this page we will be providing you with invaluable information. On the corruption in our judiciary. How to protect yourself and your love ones from this evil. We will also provide you with information on how you can help us purify our temples of justice. To insist that our elected officials bring these evil doers to justice.


The following is specific information and grounds for our demand to the California attorney general Bill Lockyner arrest and prosecute judges in the Ventura County Courts. For their part in the conspiracy to destroy Ms Ferguson for more detail go to americasfreedomfoundation.com . While I am sure that the legal establishment will attempt to further this evil. To circle the wagons deny that they are doing anything wrong.

However they can lie and deny this truth and lie until hell freezes over. We have the indisputable facts as to this case and the exclusive information. We also know where they had hidden their many other crimes. As well as how they are covering up their treason against we the people.

Following you will find the initial shocking information on this case. We will provide you with further exclude information and up dates as this story unfolds check back here often.

Click here to access the first important letter to the State Attorney General.
Click here to access the second request letter to the State Attorney General.
Click here to access the third request letter to the State Attorney General.


A Complete Copy of Ms Ferguson appeal brief that gives the outrageous details of the terrorists actions against Ms Ferguson and the rain of terror she and her family has been forced to endure as the result of the corruption of our legal system and courts. It will give you the shocking facts of the government and Judicial corruption in this case which is only the tip of the iceberg.

This file is now restricted to News, organizations, journalist, editors, producers, talk show hosts, webmasters and other organizations who are dedicated to protecting our Liberty Freedom an Rights as well as those who wish to link this information to their web page. To obtain your private access code e-mail your request tYourgay/lesbian rights @#.do.am/I.htm?id=contact&etc=

This article will provide you with this and other information. To help you protecting yourself and loved ones. From these dangerous super predators for being for warned is forearmed. To get your free subscription to our news letter see http://#.do.am/I.htm?id=contact&etc=/news-letter-archives/

Sincerely Yours

American Freedom Foundation

Dr Edward Reddeck



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(Thank you in advance for all your help and support)

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