The overwhelming evidence is that our medical  gay/lesbian rights gay are under attack by the pharmaceutical establishment! Their agent and their controlled legal establishment. While all across this country laws are being passed to force people to take various shots and vacations against their will.

   So that the big global pharmaceutical companies can make billions of dollars. Through the forced use of their products! Which is an outrageous betrayal of trust and the violation of our constitution and the founding rules of this nation.

A danger was warned of by none other than Dr. Benjamin Rush a signer of the Declaration of Independence, was Surgeon General in George Washington Army and medical pioneer. Who has again proved the wisdom of our founding fathers. Who warning of a future threats to our Medical  Freedom Rights.

“That Unless we put Medical  Freedom  Rights into the Constitution, the time will come when the medicine establishment will organize into an undercover dictatorship. To restrict the art of healing to one class of Men and deny equal privileges to others! The Constitution of the Republic should make a Special Medical Freedom Rights as well as Religious Freedom  Rights.”

His wisdom has again been proven to be prophetic almost everyday we see attacks against our medical  gay ! In fact recently unknown to most in America the senate just passed a bill to force all veterans to take shots and vaccines against their will.

Americas Freedom  Foundation has been in the vanguard of protecting our gay we are expanding our effort in this area and to warn you of this growing danger. . Check back here often for updates on threats to your medical gay/lesbian rights gay and for information on how you can protect yourself family children and loved ones from these who have betrayed our nation!

Sincerely Yours 
Americas Freedom  Foundation

Dr. Edward Reddeck 

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