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On this page we will provide you with more detailed information on pending legal actions, at times it will be presented as a summary and other times we will provide you with comprehensive and detailed information including the complete legal briefs, the responses of the, litigants, court, government, and others involved. Donít  be the last to know check back here often!
The full details of some of the stores on our news page are still under development or we have not been  authorized to release the information, or early release of the details could cause harm or bring relation against our source or the individuals on which the story or legal action is based. Check back often or sign up for our special e-mail news alert. 

We are selecting for confidential pre-release briefings influential individuals & organizations who are committed to protecting our liberty & nation. Such as patriotic journalists, news reporters, talk show host, pastors, publishers, ect who will be given head up on the information that we have developed before it is released. For approval E-Mail your request to confidentialnews@aff1.org

An extensive investigation has uncovered frightening evidence of widespread corruption In the state and federal courts. The shocking fact is that the lawyers acting as judges have conspired with their fellow lawyers government and  private. To obstruct justice, the courts truth seeking process and are fixing the outcome of any case they desire. This corruption is vast and extensive.
We have the facts and evidence in this shocking case of the corrupting of our courts.  We are holding back releasing the details of this shocking scandal. As one of the individuals in this story are still facing legal actions in these courts. They have already been retaliated against because of their attempts to expose this corruption & will surely be harmed again if this information is released too soon. We are expecting to be able to release the details soon. Check back often.