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Which is causing the violent overthrow of our Constitution!


Shocking as it may appear! We have uncovered exclusive evidence indicating a conspiracy between federal judges, government lawyers, government agents and defense attorneys to fix the outcome of criminal cases.

The latest example of this effort to undermine our freedom and to coverup the terrorist and police state acts by agents of ICE. Who without a lawful search warrant, raided the home of a ninety-year-old immigrant great grand mother. They terrorized her and stole more than $3000.00 of her savings, food and medicine money. They then resolutely refused to return her money or tell her how to get it back.


We believe that the shock of the Gestapo, Police State and Terrorist type raid on her home and the theft of her money, lead to her untimely death. Then to affect a coverup and in retaliation for complaints being filed with President George Bush, and other government agencies. Americas legal establishment had her seventy two-year-old senior citizen son Mr. Alberto Noriega arrested.

They now have held him hostage for more than fourteen months. Treating him just like a political prisoner in Communist, Nazi, Fascist and other police state type countries. Where he is being willfully deprived of all rights. (1) Denied Bail (2) (Assistance of counsel.) His court appointed lawyers refuse to make any defense for him (3) He has been deprived of the right to a speedy trial.

(4) The US Government has refused to turn over the discovery that proves his innocence. While their attorneys lie in open court. In the presence right of the trial judge regarding fundamental facts which is their custom! (5) He has been deprived of his personal papers to defend himself.(6) Financially damaged so that he could not afford to pay a private lawyer.

(7) His Government paid and state bar licenced lawyers have refused to file any pretrial defense motions or to do anything in his defenses. He however has personally identified over forty pretrial defenses himself. While being held in prison, he has desperately attempted to file them with the court.

(8) The presiding judge in this case has been caught, in what is a long lasting hidden custom of judges. Who are acting as the lord high protectors of the government, rich and powerful, while obstructing the peoples demand for justice. Whenever these judges perceive that the government cannot win in a fair contest. They then the conspire to fix the outcome of the case.


By making illegal rulings, suppression of wittiness in favor of the defendants. Allowing government to hide evidence in their favor, and the governments attorneys to commit and suborn perjury. Force on them lawyers who refuse to protect their right and threaten those few lawyers who attempt to defend their clients rights when the government really wants a conviction.


The Judge in this case has willfully as the courts records show. Obstructed Mr Noriega. from having any meaningful access to the court. He has ordered the courts clerks too not to file his very detailed pro se briefs, and has ordered other removed from the record after being filed.

This is to further the coverup and to prevent a record from being preserved. For the appellate courts duty to supervise the lower courts, for review on appeal. To hide the information from congress, the public, and press. The fact of their wanton betrayal of their public trust. As well as aiding the government in obtaining their unlawful conviction of an innocent man.

Mr. Alberto Noriega is only the latest victim of the widespread and long-lasting conspiracy to forge chains of slavery for we the people. That has been covered up by a conspiracy of silence. by the legal establishment.

Which is controlled by our ruling elite, and state bar licence lawyers, acting as judges, government lawyers, defense attorneys, in the local state and federal courts. As well as their agents in various law enforcement agencies.

The corruption of the legal system, which now allows federal and state governments through our Godless legal establishment. To convict anyone they wish at an time for almost anything. With the possible exception being the rich, powerful or famous.

Which therefore establishes a defacto hidden police state in America. That has the effect of causing the violent overthrow the U.S. constitution and all of its protection. We have exclusive and indisputable evidence that this hidden conspiracy has been on going for at least thirty years. With information that indication that in selected cases the fixing of the outcome by the government has been in effect for at least fifty years.

The indisputable evidence of this betrayal is preserved in ours, as well as the courts own records from coast to coast, Furthermore we know where the bodies are buried, and how they can be found in most any court houses, federal, state or local.

However, Mr. Alberto Noriega is only one of the latest and most recent examples of this betrayal of the American people, and the destruction of the rule of law. Which has been replaced by the rule of lies and of men.

While the government and the legal establishment were attempting to fix the outcome of yet another federal criminal case unknown to them. An iron clad case of their high crimes, obstruction of justice, an treason was being developed. With the indisputable evidence of their treason preserved.

While they resolutely conspired to fixing the outcome of Mr. Alberto Noriega case and to obtain an illegal conviction, by depriving him of all defenses in a kangaroo court with star chambers proceeding. While also attempting to force him to plead guilty to a crime that he did not commit, and to steal his property. Further proving what dangerous predators, and criminals they have become.

The legal establishment can lie and deny their betrayal until hell freezes over and until the universe dissolves, as is their custom. We however have enough proof that will allow a cleansing of our legal system like Sherman through Georgia, by any experience special prosecutor, and impeachment, by any loyal freedom loving congress persons.

This manifest corruption of our legal system is one of the most serious matters in our country today and if this evil is not exposed and these evil doers punished. Then we and our children will end up in the showers as did the Jews in Nazi Germany. For this malignant evil that has now manifest itself in America springs from the same source.

For more details also see our archives for August, September, October and November news letters. www.aff1.org/newsletter_archives.html To subscribe to our news letter and freedom protection bulletins send your email request to WakeUpAmerica@aff1.org


Send this warning news letter to as many of your friends and associates as possible. As well as local and state and national government officials, including your congress persons, and senators. Demand an immediate, and public investigation.

That they pass new laws which will protect us from these super predators that control our legal establishment. That they demand the appointment of an independent special prosecutor. Who is loyal to the government of the people, for the people and by the people, and not the ruling elite and their Godless legal establishment

That we all pray to the most high God our maker and protector of America. That he destroy, those who are destroying our liberty, who have been undermine the rule of law, and conspiring to enslave all in America, while there is yet time to save our country. For additional information or to interview Mr. Noriega email us at Freedom1@att.net.

If you do not help now what are you going to do when they come for you your family, and children, which may be sooner that you think.


Sincerely Yours

Americas Freedom Foundation

Dr. Edward Reddeck




America Needs Your Help



Iíll get right to the point! AFF is now involved in the most important fight of our lifetime. The defense of our liberty from the corruption of our government, courts, legal establishment powerful corporate interest and by our governmentís licensed lawyers. This is a clear and present danger to the lives, liberty and property to all in America. We are unlike other civil rights organizations as we were not founded nor or we controlled by lawyers.

While most civil rights originations only involve themselves with cases that are high profile that advance a politically motivated agenda. One that generates a lot of publicity, allowing them to raise large amounts of money or cases where they get awarded huge legal fees.

We on the other hand without fear or favor, have spent our limited resources, time and talent helping whoever needed help. The disadvantaged,  poor,  down trodden,  homeless and defenseless are our clients. As the result of these services for more than 30 years, we have amassed indisputable proof of the massive corruption of our legal system.

It is our intention to see that justice for all is restored in our country and courts. To give you early warning of the threats to your, lives, liberty and property. As well as provide you with the information that you need to protect yourself and your loved ones.

From these dangerous super predators, legal terrorists, who are lurking everywhere seeking whom they can attack next including you no matter how safe you feel you maybe. We need your urgent help.

For the enemies of freedom are many, well-funded and supported by powerful interest groups, who hate freedom and liberty. Our support must come from you. These are very dangerous well funded predators, who are forging changes of slavery for this entire nation.

They are using our courts, legal systems, government agencies. To destroy our most basic fundamental freedoms, create a climate of fear and destroy whoever they can, as well as the foundations of our nation.

The founding fathers warned us that the agents of Satan do not at first appear looking like the evil one. No they transform themselves into Angeles of light. Claiming we are hear to help, protect and serve you. While giving lip service to the law they are plotting your destruction. Will you or your loved ones be their next victim.

Help us protect your rights and America. Support Americas Freedom now. We feel that our freedom should be used to warn you of the increasing dangers of your liberty, from wherever they may come.  And to prevent any government agency from having control over our warning message is more important than any money you might receive from any tax credit from. Because if we do not win this fight, you will lose everything of value.

Therefore, we have chosen not to apply for any government tax exemptions. On occasion, we raise money for special projects. We require however that all donations are given unconditionally for use as we see fit to fulfill our mission

This Newsletter is published by America's Freedom Foundation. A non profit organization dedicated to protecting our personal and national freedoms. Subscription request can be made at Newsletter@sicx.net. Your help is needed!  Support Your Freedom Now!

© 2007 Americas Freedom Foundation inc.

This Newsletter is published by America's Freedom Foundation. A non profit organization dedicated to protecting our personal and national freedom.


America Needs Your Help





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