AMERICAS FREEDOM FOUNDATION  was founded by a veteran many years ago! When it was discovered that we had been betrayed by our ruling class. Who in large numbers have abandoned the founding principles of this nation.

We have also discovered through our fight for our gay that our legal establishment has betrayed their trust, gamed and fixed the outcome in our courts! From state municipal courts up to and including the U.S. Supreme court. A fact which they have covered up through the illusion of justice, with a bodyguard of lies and a conspiracy of silence.

As veterans we took and oath to defend our country from enemies foreign and domestic. Then the government trained us as warriors sent us to fight their enemies real or made up. Where we risk our lives in the noble cause of defending our country. Many died, others were wounded physically and psychologically.

Some became even more depressed when after being discharged and having no more apparent mission in there lives. While  discovering that we were being deliberately betrayed by our government. That even the Veterans Administration that was established to serve our needs were betraying us! While allowing thousand of veterans to suffer and die because of lack of proper medical treatment!

Now this betrayal is getting even worse as the government is turning on and attacking peaceful veterans. With outrageous allegations that we are more dangerous to this nation, than the Muslim terrorist! Who are conspiring to take our guns.

This to make us defenseless from street criminals an to be unable to protect our families, nation from any threat foreign or nationally. Including the government if it attempts by force to take our liberty. Knowing that we will be the first line of defense against such a betrayal!

From a government that is increasing using our corrupted legal system to illegally and unjustly attack veterans. While at the same time conspiring to depriving us and this entire nation of our gay !.

Which is an evil of a satanic magnitude, and a wanton violation of the command of the most high God of our founders, as observed by Thomas Jefferson in the declaration of independence !

While our mission is to protect the Freedom and Rights of all in America and not specifically to help our warrior veterans. However in the process we have realized that veterans are coming increasingly under attack and being denied their gay .

As the result recently we were instrumental in restoring an special medical treatment program. That was helping hundreds of veterans receive to the healing treatment that they needed. Americas now needs our active military and veteran in this fight to keep our nation free! As Thomas Jefferson warned that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance!

If you want to join us in our mission and become warriors for justice In our legal militia. To take our legal system back from the control of our legal system and government from the state bar licence lawyers all of which are agents of the state. from these dangerous and deadly predators by restoring justice for all.

If you are interested in a real mission and to help us defend and protect America, and the defenseless. Send your name, confidential contact information   AmericasLegalmilitia@AmericasFreedomFoundatiom.com !

Sincerely Yours
Americas Gay Freedom Rights Foundation
Dr Edward Reddeck

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