YOU, YOUR, FAMILY AND  LOVE ONES

                              YOU ARE IN GREAT DANGER! 

   An we are here with exclusive information on your defense! An with our Urgent Warning That America is not what it appears to be ! As Americas  ruling elite have in secret betrayed the founding principles of this nation!  With its constitutional commands for Liberty and Justice for all!

   Who have conspired to turn america into a hidden police state!  With the potential of being far worse!  Than those in Communist,Nazi or fascist countries!  

    This is because they have in secrete replaced the command for justice, the rule of law & due process with the illusion of justice. Where they have conspired to be able undermine our gay/lesbian rights s and  to fix the outcome of any case they wish hidden  in secrete ! 

    By  their  racketeering enterprise  established under the control  of  State Bar Licenced  Lawyers!  Who are acting as ,Judges, Government  lawyers,  including  paid,  private  attorneys , and politicians!  Who’s definition of justice is just us !  Who’s controlling doctrine is no money, no justice no way no how except by accident!

  Who that have conspired to game and fix the outcome of any case they wish!  From our small claims court up to and including the U.S. Supreme court ! Of which we have the exclusive and indisputable  evidence in our website and private files !

    The result of this betrayal and corruption is that no one is safe in America ! As  our legal system can be used at any time to attack you!  By anyone who does not like you, who wants your property or business!   They can even have schools their  government agents attack you, your family and even your children! 

    Who can frame you put you in jails or prison an deprive you of your liberty, steal your money and property ! This by in secrete  by even comprising your own lawyers!  Making them their agents! While  even having  the black robed lawyer acting as the  judge deprive you of the most basic protections of law!

    That is required of any civilized nation much less america! This while given the illusion of due process and justice!  A betrayal which is a clear and present danger to all in america!  For more details see the post on our website !

                                 WILL YOU BE NEXT ! 

  The shocking fact is that no one is safe in america from this betrayal by the state bar licence lawyers  ( The Legal Mafia.)  For your protection &  that of your loved ones, trust no one and verify everything that you are told! By your lawyers, the, courts ,Americas legal establishment or even law enforcement! 

    We are now in the process of developing a program to warn you of potential attacks and threats to your  gay/lesbian rights and Liberty  . An how to protect yourself family, loved ones, churches, synagogues, schools and your community! 

   From these hidden deadly and dangerous  supper  predators and their total destructive & deviating attacks ! To receive additional information make sure that you have signed up for our Exclusive Personal Defense Bulletin


    Can we count on your support of $10 $25, $50, $100                           $250, or $500 or even $1,000?

                    YOUR FREEDOM DEFENSE FUND


 Tell all your friends, family and entire social networks about our mission and our website.

                  Thank you in advance for all your help and support!

Sincerely yours,

Americas Freedom  Foundation
Dr. Edward Reddeck



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